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700R4 High Performance Shift Improver

The 700R4 trans can be used in street rods, show cars, towing vehicles ect. GM uses this trans in S10's, Caprices, full 4X4 trucks, Camaros and more. GM has a different shift feel and torque capacity for almost every vehicle made. This is done by using a multitude of different valves, servos and springs. It's no surprise some shift improvers don't even work. We have researched this trans to find out what valves, servos and springs give the most torque capacity. These parts along with the rest of our kit will provide firm shifts at low speeds and hard car launching shifts when you step hard into the throttle. This is our High Performance 700R4 kit. If you are using a 700R4 transmission in a vehicle that does not have a computer you will need some type of switch to turn the TCC solenoid on and off. Our converter clutch controll switch is designed to automatically turn the TCC Solenoid on in 4th gear.